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Slip and fall accidents can lead to devastating injuries. In an instant, you can injure your head or break a bone. If you or your loved one has been injured in a slip and fall accident, you need to reach out to a seasoned Massachusetts slip and fall attorney who can help. At The Law Offices of Barry Feinstein & Affiliates P.C., we deal with these types of personal injury cases all the time and can help you seek the maximum amount of compensation for your harm.

Just as it sounds, a slip and fall accident occurs when a person is injured because a walking surface contains a dangerous condition (like ice) that causes a person to slip, trip, or fall. These falls can be caused by slick surfaces caused by water, grease, ice, or food on a walking surface. In addition, these falls can be results of poorly maintained walking surfaces, including uneven pavement, broken floorboards, and poorly lit areas. In Massachusetts, the harsh winters pose a particular hazard due to snow, ice, and rain that can make sidewalks and walkways very slippery.

Property owners have a duty to maintain their premises in a reasonably safe condition. When property owners fail to do this, they can be held liable through a premises liability claim. Premises liability law governs when a property owner can be held responsible for an accident caused by a dangerous condition on the property. The specific duty owed to a visitor depends on the visitor’s status on the land. Under Massachusetts law, landowner-visitor relationships fall into one of three categories:  1) invitees, 2) licensees, or 3) trespassers. Invitees are owed the highest duty of care, followed by licensees, and, finally, trespassers are owed the lowest duty of care. We can examine your slip and fall case to determine your rights.

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